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Oct 30, 2012 5:00am PDT
status, they will decide on approving a new tax and they have spent about 2. $5 million. the measure would add 1.5% tax on sugary drinks. now richmond's mayor said it is a good way to begin the fight against obesity. >> and we know it is the perfect place to start because it has absolutely no nutritional valley. it is twice the calories... >> it is going to result in higher grocery bills whether or not they drink soda. >> it is fun to buy it and they will be the first in the nation to impose a tax. >>> the giants dugout, they were expecting even bigger crowds after tomorrow's parade but authorities are worried about counterfeit money gear and they have confiscated 1200 shirts being sold illegally. you can tell it is counterfeit money if it lacks the hologram sticker. >>> and they are offering everybody in game two of the world series but you can get more from taco bell and if you happened to be there, it is angel pay began may actually -- pagan may actually serve you your toco. we have more on yesterday's homecoming, just look for the world series tag, just look for [applauds
Nov 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
wants to know more about the tax practices of google. all three companies have significant sales tax. google has been criticized for routeing that through an irish subject sid rather -- subject sid rather. . >> that giants victory parade also spent tons of money adding up the dollars this morning. >> i opened my eyes under water and punched the shark on the side of his head. >>> bitten by a shark who almost died off the coast of eureka. . >>> the best surfers from all over the world will compete, and also new this year, extra bleaches are out on the cliff and they have a camera hooked high on the wire providing a birds' eye view and it may begin as early as 10:15. >> he said he punched the shark in the head until he let him go. he spoke about the attack and he says a young great white came from underneath him, grabbed his side and pulled him under water. he punched the shark until it released him and despite the idea he will be back in the ocean. >> it is part of surfing and it is in no way going to keep me from surfing again. >> he did suffer a 14-inch bite wound and no vital organs
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2